Calling all parents of toddlers to teens!

get your kids to listen...

without nagging, yelling or losing control!

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Watch the class now or on your own time


Join Amy to Learn...

  The REAL REASON your kids are acting out — and how to change thier behavior.

This is a 💡lightbulb 💡 moment for most parents.

  WHAT to say and do to get your kids to actually listen —

and get rid of the backtalk, attitude, and defiance that make you crazy. 

  TWO things your child needs from you daily that they're probably not getting right now.

(This is causing most of the behavior issues you're struggling with.)

  WHY the consequences you're doing out aren't working ...

and what do to do instead.

  Be proud of the way you parent your kids.

You never imagined feeling like this. You know there’s a better way, and you just wish someone would show you what to do.

Watch the class on your own time


I started listening last night, and I feel more connected with my 8-year-old already. Thank you! 

- Jessica Turner


I feel like I have my sweet boy back!

- Jen Arreguin


My teenage daughter is listening more and complaining less! 

- Sherry Harris

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 How do I get access to this class?

Enter your email address and tap the button and you'll be able to view the class immediately, OR... look for an email with a link to the class for viewing any time it's convenient for you over the next 3 days.

 Is this webinar for me?

If you're a parent of a 2.5 to 16-year-old who's tired of yelling, struggling, and feeling defeated—this is for you. If you want parent-tested tools that will help you create a happier home with happier kids, you should join me for this FREE training.

 How much is it?

It's completely free. My mission is to help you learn the knowledge, tools, and resources to become the best parent you can be.

 How long is it? 

You will be getting a detailed action plan and a few of my favorite tools and guides to deal with misbehaved kids in less than 45 minutes which includes a few minutes at the end to answer questions.

 How do I know this will work on my kids?

My strategies help all types of children. In fact, they've helped over 100,000 parents get their kids to listen without threats, punishments or yelling. If your kids are acting out, not listening, fighting, disobeying, or even well-behaved (most of the time), you'll walk away from this webinar with new tools to tackle your next parenting challenge.

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